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Certified Used Watches For Sale

If diamonds are a women’s best friend than men’s best friend is definitely the watch he wears. A priceless watch worn on the wrist makes him priceless as well. We at Karkour jewelry realize this fact. In order to cater to your needs we offer genuine certified used watches for sale. We have certified used watches on sale on our display in mint condition. If you wish to check out our sale of pre owned watches than please visit our store in downtown LA.

Our sale of pre owned watches is your chance to avail time pieces that will not fail to amaze any person. The used watches for sale that we have are certified used watches which mean that you will have an original time piece ticking on your wrist.

The used watches for sale are your opportunity to get your hands on an authentic used watch. All you have to do is visit our showroom in downtown LA and we will make sure that you leave with a great deal on a certified used watch. Call us and get a quote on a certified used watch at: (213) 891 1665.